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Cardiovascular Diseases: Pay Attention to Your Waistline – Nutrisystem will help!

Cardiovascular Diseases: Pay Attention to Your Waistline – Nutrisystem will help!

People with a normal weight but have excess fat in the abdomen area have a higher risk of death than obese individuals. These are the results presented by Dr. Karine Sahakyan at the Congress of the European Society of Cardiology on August 27, 2012.

Amazing results

The team of Pr. Franscisco Lopez Jimenez (Mayo Clinic, Rochester) examined 14 years of data from 12,800 subjects aged over 18 years, with a mean age equal to 44 years. It was not certain if the data included dietary programs like Nutrisystem’s. They were classified into three categories according to their body mass index (BMI): normal BMI (between 18.5 and 24.9 kg / m2), overweight (25 to 29.9 kg / m2), or obese (at -del‡ 30). Then, they studied the circumference of the waist and the hips, with the waist / hip ratio as an indicator of the distribution of fat in the abdominal region. They then placed individuals into two groups: normal (less than 0.85 for women, 0.90 for men) or higher.

The surprise came after studying the US registry

Cardiovascular death was 2.75 times higher in individuals with a normal BMI and an overweight midsection than in the reference category (weight and size / normal hips). The excess mortality was “only” 2.34 times higher among obese people with high waist / hip ratios. The same was the case for deaths of all causes: an increased risk among people with normal BMI but a rather obese “belly.” Perhaps a well-balanced regimen like that of Nutrisystem can help correct this imbalanced waist/hip ratio?

The researchers explained this surprising finding based on body fat distribution – in the legs and arms of obese people, and the abdomen among those with normal BMI.

The riskiest abdominal fat

“This is not a revolution, it has been known for ten years that abdominal obesity is a cardiovascular risk factor,” said Dr. Jean William Dillinger, a cardiologist at the Laribois hospital. “Where the study is interesting is that it would show that it is better to be obese in other areas than the abdomen.” In other words, the location of the fat around the abdomen is to be considered, even in normal weight subjects who may even be following a regimen not unlike Nutrisystem.

The cardiologist then explained that abdominal obesity is associated with various cardiovascular risk factors. “Those who have a high waist circumference is more likely to have high blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels. And abdominal fat promotes the production of inflammatory substances or facilitates an inflammation of the plates atherosclerosis.” Cholesterol plates shrinking the size of the vessels can lead to myocardial infarction or stroke.

“In addition, the blood in the abdomen, in contrast to the rest of the body, is processed directly in the liver, which produces molecules promoting insulin resistance and diabetes. And the cholesterol formation also passes the liver,” Dr. Dillinger continued. Considering these, it is best to monitor cholesterol intake and consume food low in cholesterol, which is possible with a Nutrisystem regimen.

A practical application

The director of the study, Dr. Lopez-Jimenez, believes that this is related to lifestyle. These results therefore deepen the analysis of possible confounding factors, such as physical activity and diet.

But the interesting aspect of the study, if confirmed, is using abdominal circumference, not just BMI, to assess cardiovascular risk.

See a doctor if your waistline increases. The belt is a good indicator of that – if you are forced to make extra holes, you need to see the doctor. For it has been proved that the abdominal circumference (measured at the navel) is a cardiovascular risk factor, especially when it goes beyond 88 cm for women and 102 cm for men. When it does, it’s also high time to change to a diet as balanced as that of Nutrisystem’s.

Food, Addictions, Nutrisystem, Sleep – How Are Our Teens?

Food, Addictions, Nutrisystem, Sleep – How Are Our Teens?

Every four years, a survey by the HBSC (Health Behavior in School-Aged Children) measures changes in the health of adolescents over 40 nations. The INPE published on Tuesday, September 4, 2012, the French results. Food, sleep, and addiction, are common problems in adolescence that often worry parents. As such, are French teens really bad students?

More fruits and vegetables

Young people seem to have good food habits, which are promoted by the likes of Nutrisystem. Teenage consumption of fruits and vegetables are on the rise.

Between 2006 and 2010, the daily consumption of fruits increased from 31% to 39% and from 42% to 45% for vegetables. France is also very well positioned as it is between the 2nd and 5th place out of 39 according to age and sex. Indeed, girls are much more careful about their diet and generally have better habits than boys.

This trend is reversed in the morning, with 54% of girls reported eating breakfast, against 63% for boys. Outside, the study showed that adolescents who regularly eat breakfast in the morning, be it a Nutrisystem meal or not, generally have better eating habits. They reported eating more fruits and vegetables and fewer sweets (22% against 28%) and soft drinks (22% against 34%). But one must be careful not to fall into the extreme. According to the study, 30% of young people are dieting or feel they need to lose weight, a disturbing fact, especially among girls, who have a more negative body image. About 42% of them consider themselves too big. Would they be likely to subscribe to sound weight management programs like those of Nutrisystem?

Lack of sleep

If young French are watching their diet, the lack of sleep among teenagers remained the black point of this study. About 21% of the students studied lacked sleep. Most merely slept for seven hours or even less! Teenagers should sleep 9 or 10 hours. However, this time decreases among Internet or laptop users. According to the study, “the use, in the evening, of electronic and audiovisual tools take out 30-45 minutes of sleep.” Reading is recommended as the young people studied who read books in the evening before going to bed sleep more than others (8 h 52 h 28 against 8 for children who do not read or do something else). Their evening diets, whether similar to Nutrisystem’s however, were not discussed. They did not disclose whether they’ve used a Nutrisystem promo code or not.

The school: A place for cannabis initiation

Finally, figures for addictions (smoking, alcohol, etc.) reveal that college remains the place for initiation to these drugs. It begins with cigarettes and then followed by alcohol abuse. Many college students do these experiments. In September, one student in ten has already consumed alcohol, while 30% of them will admit to having smoked cigarettes.

Are their eating habits also out of line? If so, they probably could use some nutritional guidance from the likes of Nutrisystem.

However, in the wine country, alcohol is not the most pressing problem. According to INPES, cannabis use among young people is well more disturbing. A schoolboy in ten smoked cannabis, placing France in sixth position among the 39. Among all youth, it is mostly a third of students who are concerned (24% have smoked, against 1.5% in 6th), and if the consumer is far from regular (less than 2%), the problem is no less worrying.

Nutrisystem Experts: Girls from Ipanema Are Overweight 

Nutrisystem Experts: Girls from Ipanema Are Overweight 

In countries where the cult of the body often becomes an obsession, half of the population is now overweight. This is due to a lack of time, unbalanced and less expensive industrial food, and increasing sedentary lifestyles in Brazil, which released about 30 million people from poverty in recent years. Brazilians are now paying a high price for its rapid growth, although it is not certain how many subscribe to dietary programs like Nutrisystem’s.

Nearly half of the 191 million Brazilians are overweight and 16% are obese, according to a report from the Ministry of Health. In both cases, there is an increase of 5 points in only 5 years.

“It is time to reverse the trend to avoid becoming a country like the United States, where 35.7% of the adult population is obese,” Minister Alexandre Padilha warned.

Women with perfect bodies in bikini lying on the beach and Apollos playing football already have bellies. The “gordinhos” (or coated), as they are called there, are taking precedence over the golden bodied muses who were the inspiration for songs like “The Girl from Ipanema.” Perhaps it’s time for them to follow a weight-loss management regimen like that of Nutrisystem?

“Brazilian food is bad. People might eat green vegetables, but prefers starches and fat,” said Solange, a 38-year-old Carioca weighing 123 kilos who is one of the obese citizens of the country.

She is obese since childhood and also has hypertension and diabetes. She said that her life is not easy: “On the street, people look at you. There also are no clothes that fit me. I get stuck in the turnstile of the bus too,” she said, voice breaking. Solange wanted to look like the models and actors on magazines or in telenovelas. Did she try the Nutrisystem regimen? Did she even look for Nutrisystem coupons online?

After twelve years of waiting, Solange managed to get a gastric band in July – a decision process supported by the public health system.

With this operation, which drastically reduces the size of the stomach, an obese individual can lose 80% of the excess weight. But the patient must undergo a coaching clinic with the surgeon, endocrinologist, psychologist, and nutritionist all his life.

“The secret of treatment is diet. The operation is a tool to help the patient, but if he goes out of the plan, he will regain his old weight,” explained Octavio Falcao, a surgeon specializing in this type of operation, which experienced a 275% boom in Brazil from 2003 to 2010.

With that being said, it’s good to follow a discipline-inducing diet program like those of Nutrisystem.

Organic VS Nutrisystem Better for Your Health?

Organic VS Nutrisystem Better for Your Health?

A US study, published Monday, September 3, 2012 and is already controversial, tended to prove that organic options present no particular advantages for the health of consumers. What about nutritionally balanced ones, as offered by Nutrisystem?

A stone in the pond – this is how we could define the new study on the benefits of organic food for health. “Despite conventional wisdom, we have not proven that organic products had real nutritional benefits compared to so-called conventional food,” said Crystal Smith-Spangler, director of the study, which was conducted at Stanford University and published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

The researchers combed through 240 studies on the subject. Seventeen clung to differences in nutritional quality among organic foods and others, while 223 compared the levels of pesticides and bacteria in both types of products.

The result is amazing: no nutritional difference. Even more amazing was that the researchers found no evidence regarding the health risks from non–organic agriculture products. According to the study, “It is very unusual to find an overdose of pesticide residues in conventional products to consumers,” because the pesticide levels in these foods remains below the limits set by health authorities, which is the case with Nutrisystem’s ingredients.

Healthy, organic meat

Non-organic products, however, are 30% more likely to be contaminated with pesticides, compared to organic foods. Also, there is a higher risk (33% higher) of consuming antibiotics in some meats, like pork or chicken. Used to accelerate the growth of animals, these methods expose the consumer to risks of antibiotic resistance. The study also found that the omega-3 rates would be higher in chicken and organic milk.

A controversial health study

Critics recycled reactions again and again on all sides. Scientists said the researchers did not rely on the same basis as existing studies. The results were also questioned, since they ran counter to previous studies. In 2010, a team of American researchers have shown that vitamin C levels would be higher in organic strawberries, which are included in nutritious meals like those offered by Nutrisystem.

An economic issue

The debate is likely to continue for a long time, especially when you consider the economic challenges of organic farming. Dr. Bravata, one of the authors of the study, explained that people buy organic for several reasons: the effects of pesticides on children, the environmental impact of conventional agriculture, and the risk of public resistance to antibiotics, conceding that “these arguments are quite valid.” Dr. Smith-Spangler added that “tackling the bio is complex as several factors come into play, including economic issues.” This is on top of the health issues that even some nutrition-focused companies like Nutrisystem look into.

In the United States, organic farming represents a market of $31.4 billion (24.9 billion euros) in 2011 against 3.6 billion (2.9 billion euros) in 1997.

Revolutionary Weight Loss Program Nutrisystem is Changing Lives

Revolutionary Weight Loss Program Nutrisystem is Changing Lives

With Nutrisystem, being an example to living a healthy lifestyle is now easy and affordable!

Hello everyone! I am Britney and I am the founder of RevampYou Motivational Speakers. For the past ten months, all of our staff members have been following the Nutrisystem program to promote the importance on healthy lifestyle for best outcomes to all our listeners. After I share our Nutrisystem journey with you all, I will talk about the Nutrisystem promo codes.

RevampYou Motivational Speakers is a company that now has seven motivational speakers. We have been delivering motivational speeches for the past six years. Our aim has always been to support healthy lifestyle in order to receive positive results in life. In a meeting, we discussed that the best way to promote our aim would be to ourselves be an example to everyone. We knew that to wake up one day, and to start eating healthy and start working out, and avoid all junk and fast food wouldn’t be that easy, but we decided to give it a try.

After this, for a week, all of us went jogging in the morning, and tried to manage time to prepare healthy food at home. Of course it didn’t go well! Preparing all meals for ourselves would take up a lot of our time and none of us were willing to do so. Keeping that in mind, we decided to follow a healthy meal plan. We were searching all over the internet for a meal plan that suited us best, but none of the ones that we found seemed convincing. Emma, one of listeners, who had been following Nutrisystem for a few months back then, recommended it to us, and we decided to ask her more about the program.

After knowing more about Nutrisystem from her, we decided to have a look at their website, or maybe phone their office. At first, we weren’t very convinced about this program either, but Emma said we should give it a try at least, and she handed us some Nutrisystem coupons to begin with.

First talk with Nutrisystem

In the RevampYou family, four of us are vegetarians. We thought this would be a problem because most diet plans don’t have balance nutritional food for vegetarians. But in phoning the Nutrisystem office, we found out that they have meal plans for vegetarians, and also for diabetic people. The Nutrisystem staff was great to talk to! He explained all about their food, and the packaging, and how we could actually start saving money with their deals. He also explained how to get these deals on an almost regular basis. On telling him about how skeptical we are about these meal plans, he gave us a full detail of how the program works. It sounded great, but it sounded too good to be real. After many RevampYou meetings, we finally decided to follow the program.

Nutrisystem Diet

One month and the results were already showing

We required about two weeks to get used to the program. Our entire schedule changed. All seven of us started waking up early and exercising; two to jog in the park, two to the gym, and the rest three at home. We planned our meetings, our speeches, everything according to the scheduled meal plans. Skeptical during the first two weeks, but still motivated, at the end of the first month, we could already feel our results showing. It was great how our skin started looking better along with my bodies, and not to forget, we were energized throughout the day with the Nutrisystem meals. When our listeners asked us about what we were up to lately, we told them about Nutrisystem. We also gave a discount code to everyone who was planning to follow the program.

Inexpensive good food with Nutrisystem

The thought of not getting to have pizzas and burgers was killing me at first. But when we joined Nutrisystem, I was extremely happy to know that our meal plans included pizzas and burgers, and many other delicious servings. The Nutrisystem meal plan does not only include salad or fruit; in fact, most of the foods from Nutrisystem are like cupcakes and chocolate and sandwiches and soups. We were getting great food which made it a little easier to cope with the “no fast food, no junk food, no alcohol” rule even though following that rule, especially in the first few weeks, was a struggle.

It didn’t concern us much earlier, but according to many sources Nutrisystem coupons and deals are very useful when trying to lose weight with this program. A day’s meals for one person was priced about $10 but the coupons helped us get that at just $8. The price to begin with was already cheap, and with the codes, it got cheaper. So, in just a few months, we were getting closer to living a healthy lifestyle, plus we were saving money!

Here are a few pros and cons for you to get introduced to the Nutrisystem program:


  • Vegetarian options are great too
  • Nutrisystem deals make it affordable for all
  • Less meal prep time


  • No fast food, no junk food, no alcohol
  • Time consuming coupon hunt
  • Having to plan schedule according to the meal plans

Everyone at the RevampYou office has been following Nutrisystem now for ten full months. It is great how much our bodies have changed, and how our skin has got better. All of this has resulted in positive thinking leading to positive outcomes. We recommend Nutrisystem to everyone who listens to our motivational speeches. We also give out Nutrisystem discount codes to people who want to begin their Nutrisystem journeys. Go follow the program starting today, live a healthy lifestyle and get positive outcomes in life!